Business Overviews

Media Business

Publish the magazine amirisu twice a year (shift to pattern books and online media from 2024)

Publish 3 to 5 knitting pattern books a year as hardcover books.

Publish free magazine yomirisu three times a year

Manage an YouTube channel and a podcast

Sales of yarn and handicraft materials through online shops and physical stores

We sell yarn, textiles, handicraft tools, etc. carefully selected from overseas at our Kyoto store, Minami Aoyama store, and online shop.

Knitting/craft classes and one-off workshops

Hold regular knitting lessons in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Kobe

One-off workshops inviting external instructors

Holding retreats

Online courses


In addition to the magazines and books we publish, we also export handicraft tools and materials from Japanese manufacturers to overseas handicraft stores.

Distribution of books and handicraft tools from overseas manufacturers.