Our Values

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Our Values and Ideals

Spread the joy of making everything in your life yourself

・Aim to make anything

・Sell the products (craft supplies) that excite us

・Enjoy everything from choosing materials to the process of making and using them.

Do sustainable business

・Consider the environmental impact

・Develop sustainable business in terms of relationships and scalability

・Staff can continue to work happily and in good health

・Make good products and use them for a long time

・Fair trade


our culture

Our Culture

- Adopt new things quickly and don't keep doing things that aren't necessary.

・Improve as you go

・Do a serious business in knitting

・Always think about what excites you and make it happen




In Purchasing

・Do not purchase artificial fibers

・We handle high-quality products that can be used for a long time

・Reduce business partners' packaging

・Consider sustainability not only of our own company but also for partner companies


・Reduce unnecessary tasks to eliminate overtime work

・Go home early and make time for creating

・Realize work styles that suit people's life stages and lifestyles

Regarding sales

・No excessive sales or low prices

・Reduce unnecessary packaging

・Provide the same service to all customers