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What is amirisu?

amirisu is a knitting magazine launched in 2012. In addition, we have shops in Kyoto and Tokyo stocked with the finest yarns, beautiful textiles, and carefully selected tools from around the world. We also run handicraft lessons, including knitting and sewing, retreats, and events. On the business side, we also export high-quality Japanese-made handicraft supplies overseas.

customer's voice

It's stylish anyway! !
My image of knitting has changed. Also, patterns, yarns, and tools from overseas have become more familiar.
I also love sewing, so I'm happy to be able to experience overseas patterns and fabrics.

Customers in Tokyo

customer's voice

I like that they share information not only from the narrow Japanese knitting world, but also from the global knitting world.
For me, amirisu is a place that connects me to the world.

Customers from Saitama Prefecture

customer's voice

I like that you can get wonderful yarn and learn world-standard knitting methods.
My world expanded as I learned about practical knitting, which is different from the Galapagos style of Japanese knitting.

Customers in Hokkaido

customer's voice

I like that even though I'm still a beginner, I can feel the joy of knitting and feel like I want to knit.

Customers in Saga Prefecture

customer's voice

There are a lot of wonderful things such as yarn, patterns, knitting tools, etc., and things that I want.
You can get a lot of information from blogs, etc., and it's fun just looking at the website.

Customers in Chiba Prefecture